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Akumi Wars is coming soon. Explore the Hex Realms and fight aliens, elves and undead! Equip your heroes with unique skills and build out your powerful bounty hunter crew! Over 30+ heroes and playable enemies to discover, each with unique play styes!

A playfully absurd

turn-based RPG

Become a Bounty Hunter!

Akumi's putting together a crew for the biggest, riskiest, and most treasure-filled gig of her life. Want in?

Build your Team

Journey through the Hex Realm and recruit strange, powerful, and crazy allies. Level them up as you play through the story.

Customize your skills

You’re the boss. Mix and match skills on your Bounty Hunters. Who knows, maybe you will discover some combination that is devastatingly game-breaking.

Akumi Wars Kickstarter

The Kickstarter was a success. With your generous support we were able to complete the game. We are now preparing to launch the game. If you would like to help the game project, please Wishlist Akumi Wars on Steam.

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Strange Lands of the Hex Realm

Explore a world mysterious and meet odd characters from alternate dimensions. The Akumiverse is a mix of magic and technology. There are many untapped secrets to be discovered. Will you find unique characters or maybe an artifact to boost your team? Maybe a new skill? Who knows? That’s why it’s a secret!

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Akumi Wars RPG game!

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Onwards & Upwards!

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