Akumi Wars: Exclusive Codes to Unlock AQWorlds Cross-Over Rewards

Stretch Goals!

  • 30K - More Steam Achievements (+10)

  • 35K - 5 More Skin Options for Name a Bounty Hunter (and above) backers. New Bonus Map "Tercessuinotlim". Cheat Mode Codes for all players

  • 40K - Cross-Game Reward! $100 Tier gets an exclusive code to unlock Miltonius Items and Bank Pet Drone in AQWorlds (AQW Character Page Badge)

  • 50K - Cross-Game Reward! $100 Tier gets an exclusive code to unlock Akumi Ship Home in AQWorlds


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Akumi & her squad of bounty hunters are about to take their biggest job yet. Want in?

Strange Lands

Explore a world mysterious and meet odd characters from alternate dimensions. The Akumiverse is a mix of magic and technology. There are many untapped secrets to be discovered. Will you find unique characters or maybe an artifact to boost your team? Maybe a new skill? Who knows? That’s why it’s a secret!

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Akumi Wars RPG game!

Email us at akumiwarshelp@gmail.com

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