Will they try to kill you or try to join you?

Not all bounties will try to kill you, some will want to negotiate!


Need some gold to buy some extra seedoos? Take on some bounty work. The more difficult the bounty the higher the reward! Some bounties might offer their services in return for their freedom what will you choose?


Akumi is a rebellious, wild bounty hunter. She's a weapons fanatic who breaks her equipment often because of her recklessness. At times she can be a bit naive. She has a fire for life, cherishes freedom and despises authority and corruption. Akumi does what she wants when she wants. Her code is simple, fighting &... well fun!


The dark magic wielding, sex slave business man, demon summoning Warlock. He knows no bounds and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And what he wants is to take over the Hex Realms be worshiped by his peers and fear by his enemies. And if his son could stop being a whiny, blithering man-child and a proper heir to his future kingdom, that would be nice.


A powerful witch capable of summoning and controlling demons. Demonkiss runs a brothel of a curious sort, famous for offering services not found anywhere else but only available to a special few. Her location is hidden by magic and only visible to those she wants to find her.


Opposite to Akumi, Jade is a by the book profession. Jade’s sultry good looks, her quick, flirtatious wit, and the intense stare of her icy-blue eyes make first impressions both intimidating and disarming. She exudes sex and confidence. She’s a stunner... and that’s just how she likes her prey. Stunned. Makes for easy pickings.


A mercenary with not the cleanest reputation. His extracurricular activities might make some cringe but that’s never stopped him from having a good time. A fast and big talker but with some skill to back it up. He knows about most things in the Akumiverse and is always ready to talk about it to anyone who will listen.


Souless are lumbering giant robot guardians of Rhoncha. A mix of magic and technology they’re ever ready to stomp or blast anyone with laser breath who might try to approach Rhoncha’s realm uninvited.

And many, many MORE!

Each character will bring not only a different look but a different play-style and behavior. Collect them all and create your super team OR choose one to make into your super soldier! The choice is yours!


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*Akumi seeing the new Akumi Wars Website

Onwards & Upwards!

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