Akumi Wars is a turn-based strategy RPG game where you can add and customize skills to your heroes. Find, unlock and collect unique heroes and new skins for each by exploring the world. There are over 30+ heroes to discover, each with unique play-styes!

The strategy will be in equipping your characters with different skills, artifacts and upping particular stats. Creating a good blend of characters for your team. Or focusing on one or two and making them super strong and level faster. Once you send your party into battle, it's in fate's hands. The way you customized your characters will determine the outcome. Send them into battle and see if they pass or fail. There will be "Ultimate" abilities that you can trigger yourself though. When an Ultimate bar is filled, you'll be able activate powerful abilities at anytime.

Each character will start with a base Class. Currently: Tank, Rogue, Ranger, Mage and Fighter. More to be added later. Each will have their own pros and cons. Each with different passive abilities and starting stats which you can customize upon leveling up. There will also be skills you can swap in and out to find the perfect synergy. Mix and match up to 3 skills on each character to find the perfect combination for your play style!  Want a mage-tank? Pump up your mage’s HP and add block and dodge skills to her! Want a damage dealing tank? Pump up his attack speed and attack power. Add on some life leech and who need a healers?

Classes (Subject to change in final game)

  • Tank - passive: guaranteed to block of 100% damage every few seconds. High starting HP but low attack speed

  • Rogue - passive: stealth cannot be targeted a period of time at the beginning phases of battle. Low HP high dodge

  • Ranger - passive: High starting dps but low HP and cannot block damage

  • Mage - passive: able to equip the most powerful spells. Low HP and low dodge chance

  • Fighter - passive: counter attack has a chance to retaliate when attacked by melee. Most balanced starting stats

Interchangeable Skills - up to 3 Max (Subject to change in final game)

  • Counter attack - Chance to attack when attacked (melee only)

  • Sweeping Strike AOE (hit multiple enemies at once)

  • Defend - Take on the damage of an ally

  • Life Leech - Leech HP when attacking an enemy

  • Poison - DOT adds damage over time to attacks (lesser damage over a longer period)

  • Fire - DOT adds damage over time to attacks (more damage over a shorter period)

  • Ice - Chance to freeze

  • Electric - Chance to Stun

  • Earth - Chance to knockdown

  • Teleport - Teleport away when hit by melee attacks

  • Restore - Heal one ally over time. 100 HP over 10 second

  • Mass Heal - AOE Heal

  • Dark Storm - AOE attack. Direct damage

  • Storm - Every 2 seconds lighting strikes a random enemy over a 10 second duration

  • Poison Cloud - AOE poison attack. DOT (damage over time)

  • Shield - Create a shield that blocks the next 3 attacks

  • Mass Shield - AOE Create a shield that blocks the next 3 attacks for you & all allies (cast before battle starts once)

  • Redemption - Gain 50 HP back when your HP reaches zero. (once per battle)

  • Cheap Shot - Stunned enemies take 50% more damage

  • Thorns - Enemies take 15% of the damage done to you

  • Attack - Increase damage by 20%

  • HP - Adds 20% more to Max HP

  • Block - Increase blocking by 20%

  • Dodge - Increase dodging by 15%

  • Critical - Increase Crit by 11%

  • Attack Speed - Increase attack speed 20%

Ultimate Abilities
(An “Ultimate” bar will be constantly be filling up during battle. When it’s full, unleash a power move!)

  • Cover Fire - Ship shoots at random enemies from off screen every 5 seconds for 20 seconds

  • Shock Bomb - AOE stun all enemies

  • Heal Bomb - AOE heal all allies

  • Fire bomb- AOE bombs enemy with fire damage

Ship Hub!

In between quests and bounties, your team will chill in their ship. Here you can train and outfit your characters with you best skill and team combinations. It’s not all relaxing during this time though because your ship can be attack and you’ll have to defend it!


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Onwards & Upwards!

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